A word of thanks to the supporters of the Megabook Initiative:

Your generous efforts help us to provide children in areas with limited access to books with access to a library of books at their fingertips.



The Megabook Initiative is especially grateful to the support of partner organization, Worldreader, who worked with us in providing reading devices and curating books for our most recent program in Gilgal, Togo. 


And a special thanks to early supporters of the Megabook Initiative's pilot efforts: 


Fondation Laurence Gozard




We Are Family Foundation


Patience and Mark Ball


Sarah Barakat


Dominique and Dennis Boiter


Mary Boiter


Dody and Tomy Brager


Ellen Brager


Susan Brager Murphy


Monique and Steve Campbell


Jacqui and Gordon Cragg


Sue and John Enders


Dr. Fatim Haidara


Paul Hurlburt 


Catherine de Peuter


Benjamin Quinto


Anne Sinkpon 


Roya Shambayati-Talalie


Liz and Sever Totia


Debbie and Mark Wilson