Megabook PILOT PROJECT


On March 6, 2014, the Megabook Initiative launched a pilot program in a 4th grade classroom at Orphelins de Bingerville, an orphanage for boys' in the Ivory Coast.

35 students participated in the pilot program under the facilitation of their primary teacher,

M. Médard.  The Megabook Initiative provided M. Médard and each student with a reading device pre-loaded with a selection of 24 books. For a period of twelve weeks, the students read for a minimum of 1-hour during two school-days during the week. In the final weeks of the program, the students read for 1-hour during each school day.

The teachers reports were very positive. Primary teacher, M. Médard reported that students' concentration levels in other course material increased throughout the pilot program. 


Students were also very enthusiastic about the pilot.