Our Team

Karen-Alexandra Nogues, Founder and Executive Director 

Karen-Alexandra Nogues, a first year student at Harvard Law School, turned her passion for reading and her love for children into a mission of service for children around the world. She founded the Megabook Initiative in 2011, at age 15, to allow children with limited access to books to have "a library of books at their fingertips".  In 2013, she was nominated as one of thirty Global Teen Leaders by the We Are Family Foundation. She has developed partnerships with education and industry leaders in the US, France, and West Africa.  Wtih her unwavering enthusiasm, she continues to rally her team to garner the support needed to turn readers of today into leaders tomorrow.

Betsy Miller

Betsy Miller, is currently a Private Equity Operations Associate in NYC. She became involved in Megabook Initiative through the Three Dot Dash summit, an annual conference which unites a select group of Global Teen Leaders from around the world, chosen for the dedication to promoting social justice and peace through their non-profit organizations or projects. In 2013, Betsy served as a mentor to Global Teen Leader and Megabook Initiative founder, Karen-Alexandra Nogues. Her background in fundraising and passion for reading provide the needed support for the Megabook Initiative to make focused fundraising efforts and action plans. 


Kathleen W, Craver, Ph. D.


Dr. Craver has a Ph. D. from the University of Illinois in Library Science and Information Studies. She has been Head Librarian at National Cathedral School for Girls since 1987 and is the author of five books and numerous articles about school libraries and primary source research skills. Dr. Craver was one of the earliest supporters of the Megabook Initiative, advising Karen-Alexandra on partnerships and timelines for the Megabook Initiative. She currently serves as a project advisor for the Megabook Initiative on matters regarding book selection and means of engaging children early on with literature.