Recent Projects:

The Megabook Initiative launched a program in Gilgal, Togo in January 2017.  Fifty students and teachers were provided with eReaders that were pre-loaded with 100 ebooks. As Togo is francophone, the majority of the books on these devices were in the French language; however, a few English books were included as well. 

The Megabook Initiative team led a three-day training session prior to the launch of this project, including three separate training sessions dedicated specifically to the needs of project directors on site, teachers, and lastly the students themselves. 

The sessions were designed such that the project directors, Mr. and Mrs. Mokpokpoli were trained and prepared to lead the training efforts for the teachers that would be implementing Megabook efforts on the ground. 

The teachers were very enthusiastic about incorporating reading sessions into their curriculum that would make use of the reading devices and provide students greater opportunity to read books for pleasure. Recognizing the limitations on students' reading abilities based on a curriculum that primarily emphasized memorization as a pathway to acquisition of reading skills, the teachers agreed to work with the Megabook team to implement a supplementary program that would bolster students' fundamental reading skills. 

The project launch ceremony took place on January 12, 2017 in Gilgal, Togo, the village where the project would take place. Gilgal is located about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Togo's capital city, Lomé. 


The Megabook Initiative extends a special thanks to our partner, Worldreader, who helped to provide the Megabook with the eReaders and eBooks which were used in this program.